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Facial Treatments

Did you know facials can help...

Reduce stress
Refocus your mood
Restore the spirit
Slow the aging process
Refine fine lines
Enhance your mind and self-being

Pamper yourself with our Facial Spa services and leave feeling rejuvenated. Customized to your individual skin types and performed by Licensed Medical Aestheticians, we offer the most modern facial care, including European facials and aromatherapy skin care. Our Biomaris Skin Care System and Image Skin Care Products are designed as a professionally recommended skin care system, without complicated, outdated rituals. Remarkably effective, Biomaris and Image skin care products are used and recommended by skin care professionals and medical centers around the world.

Acne Treatment - Chemical Peel (60 min) - $125.00 (includes home care products)

Excellent for acne, oily, acne-prone skin - This results oriented treatment uses a combination of BHA (Salicylic Acid) and AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid). The Salicylic Acid works to slow down the sebaceous glands, thereby slowing oil production that clogs the pores.  The Alpha- Hydroxy Acid is a keratolytic agent that breaks up the keratin in the cell, gently exfoliating dead skin cells, and increases cellular turnover. This dual effect makes it an excellent, safe, and gentle peel, leaving your skin tight and fresh. This treatment is ideal for young and mature skin that has excess oil and large pores.

Lightening Treatment - Chemical Peel (60 min) - $125.00 (includes home care products)

Excellent for superficial pigmentation, sun/brown spots, uneven skin tone - This pigmentation resurfacing cocktail is a wonderful blend of agents designed to tighten and brighten. This Alpha-Hydroxy based formula adds a lightening blend to break up melanin blocks in the deeper layers of the skin. This treatment is definitely designed for a series of six (6) peels every two (2) weeks, leaving your skin smoother, lighter, and on the road to being spot-free.

Wrinkle Treatment - Chemical Peel (60 min) - $125.00 (includes home care products)

Excellent for all levels of aging skin/wrinkles, rough, uneven skin tone, smoker's skin, tired/dull skin - This treatment begins with Alpha-Hydroxy Acid which penetrates very quickly to the lower levels of the skin.  Your skin will feel tight and fresh. The regeneration of new cells and increased production of collagen will help create younger, healthy, and less wrinkled skin.  This treatment is great for just about anyone!

Carabella Signature Facial (60 min) - $85.00

Excellent for aging, dry/dehydrated skin, smoker's skin, dull/tired skin - This amazing facial will impress and improve even the most experienced "facial goer". This treatment does it all: tightens skin with retinol; brightens with antioxidants; lightens with natural extracts. The skin is nourished with a "Vitamin Cocktail" blend of A, E, and C; soothed with a "Herbal Cocktail" of Chamomile, Cucumber, and Aloe Vera; and hydrated with a mega-drench of pure Hyaluronic Acid. 

Acne Facial (60 min) - $75.00

Excellent for oily, acne, and acne-prone skin - This clinical acne facial is designed to immediately treat excess oil and superficial blemishes.  In just one treatment, oils are removed with Salicylic Acid, bacteria is destroyed with Benzoyl Peroxide, and dead skin cells vanish with a natural blend of pineapple and papaya enzymes. The result - clean, refreshed, healthy, oil-free skin. Perfect for teenage skin.

"Green Peel" (60 min) - $150.00 (click here for detailed information)

Dr. Schrammek's Famous "Green Peel" has been used successfully for 35 years to treat skin impurities; enlarged pores; prematurely aging skin; wrinkles; scars; diminished elasticity of the stomach, upper arms and thighs and other skin conditions.   The natural alternative to a chemical peel, an intensive facial peel using a special blend of herbs formulated by Dr. Christine Schrammek of Germany. This green herbal peel deeply penetrates the skin, resulting in the skin peeling off in layers, exposing beautiful, fresh new skin in three to five days! Erases fine lines, minimizes wrinkles, blotchy coloring, acne, milia, comedones, sun damage and scarring. Just one treatment gives a dramatically smoother, more youthful appearance.  

Non-Surgical Face Lift (click here for detailed information)*

Eye area only (30 min): $75

Eye area only - Series of 6 Treatments* (pre-paid): $375

Entire face & neck (60 min): $125

Entire face & neck - Series of 6 Treatments* (pre-paid): $625

*We recommend the series to be used within 7-10 days in order to achieve full results.

Microdermabrasion Facial (click here for detailed information)

Microderm Plus - Using Microdermabrasion to minimize fine wrinkles, acne scarring, sun damage and skin discolorations. This is the best way to reveal fresher, smoother skin with no recovery time or discomfort. Includes cleansing, microdermabrasion, toner and moisturizing treatment. Our MicroDerm Treatment includes steam, gentle extractions, hydrating mask and a relaxing mini massage. This is effective renewal for your skin and your outlook!  

Micro Facial Treatment (60 min): $100

Micro Facial Treatment - Series of 6 Treatments* (pre-paid): $500

Microderm Signature Facial - Our MicroDerm Plus with the addition of Photorejuvenation! - the ultimate anti-aging weapon!*

Microderm Signature Facial (60 min): $160
Microderm Signature Facial - Series of 6 Treatments* (pre-paid): $800

Photorejuvenation Facial (click here for detailed information)*

Photorejuvenation Facial Treatment (60 min): $100

Photorejuvenation Facial Treatment - Series of 6 Txs* (pre-paid): $500

*We recommend the series to be used every 10-12 days in order to achieve full results.

The "SkinMaster" Facial Treatment (click here for detailed information)

SkinMaster Basic (30 min) - $85

SkinMaster Plus (60 min) - $100

SkinMaster Renewal (70 min) - $125

Allantoin Collagen (60 min) - $100.00

Suitable for all skin types, especially aging skin, this cooling mask utilizes special hydrating ingredients to increase cellular metabolism and to preserve collagen, which helps maintain elasticity and prevent premature aging of the skin.  Calming and soothing for even the most sensitive skin.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial (60 min) - $75.00

Designed for your exact skin, this customized facial starts with a personalized skin assessment. You will then experience a deep pore cleansing and thorough exfoliation under steam to sweep away dulling surface cells. You will also enjoy a de-stressing customized massage of the face, neck and shoulders, and a therapeutic mask designed to correct any specific problem you may be experiencing. To finish, a custom blended moisturizer is applied. Emerge with immaculately clean, glowing skin. This is a relaxing but serious skin care treatment that should be repeated monthly.

Express Facial (35 min) - $45.00

Not a second to spare but still want beautiful, glowing skin? This 30-minute treatment includes a cleansing with steam, exfoliation, and masque, followed by an application of a treatment cream customized for each client's skin type.

Back Facial (60 min) - $85.00

A relaxing experience for both mind and body.  Our back facial includes a thorough cleansing of your back and gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells.  The exfoliation is followed with an application of extracts, massage, and mask, leaving your back feeling revitalized, clean and relaxed.

Gentleman's Facial (60 min) - $75.00

A therapeutic deep pore cleansing facial, specifically designed for the needs of an active man. Gentle exfoliation followed by a stimulating facial mask, awakens your skin's natural vitality. You'll be rejuvenated after you experience our relaxing shoulder and neck massage.

Rosacea Facial (60 min) - $75.00

Rosacea is a disturbing, chronic skin condition that may be linked to fair skin, climate, hormones or genetics. It is characterized by persistent redness, especially around the cheeks, nose and chin area, and if left untreated sometimes unsightly tiny white papules and pustules can develop.  Our soothing facial is designed specifically for sensitive, red or Rosacea prone skin. Gentle steam cleansing is followed by a special exfoliating gel and a soothing, calming facial massage. A specially formulated mask ensures that your skin receives proper moisture and nutrients.

Hydrating Facial (60 min) - $75.00

Indulge your face with our specifically designed treatment for dry, thirsty skin in need of a hydrating surge. This intensely hydrating facial treatment deeply penetrates the lipid barrier and restores vital moisture and suppleness to the skin using a special active marine agent. Enjoy better protection of the skin with this "long-lasting" moisturizing facial treatment.

Caviar Fleece Mask Facial (60 min) - $85.00

This incredible treatment revitalizes the skin visibly after just one treatment.  Small wrinkles are evened out. The effect, which is based on intensive hydration of the skin, is further enhanced by repeated applications. The fleece consists of a velvety substance made of a raw material of the utmost purity. It has been impregnated with an anti-aging caviar extract - pure luxury which invigorates the skin and gives it a look of radiance.

Unless otherwise stated, each facial treatment includes a skin analysis and the following basic services*:

Cleansing and Toning


Pore Cleansing

Minor Extractions

Relaxing Neck and Shoulder Massage

Customized Mask

*Specific techniques and products may vary by skin type.