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Alcohol Free Series

Alcohol Free Series Volume 1

Alcohol Free Series Volume 2

Alcohol Free Series Album

Children's Series

The Relaxing Tales of Taylor Elizabeth

Ruby The Shy Red Fox

Sassy The Stressed Out Squirrel

The Bear Who Couldn't Sleep

The Goodnight Caterpillar

Golf Improvement Series

Perfecting Your Swing

Course Management

The Ultimate Golfing System 2-Session Album


A Peaceful Night's Sleep

Pain Free System

Pain Free Volume 1

Self-Confidence Series

I Love Life! Volume 1

I Love Life! Volume 2

I Love Life! Volume 3

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I Love Life! Album

Tobacco Free Series

Tobacco Free Volume 1

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Tobacco Free 2-Session Album

Weight Loss Series

Lose Weight Permanently - Volume 1

Transform Your Body Image - Volume 2

Designing a Naturally Thin Body - Volume 3

Dissolve Cravings For Unhealthy Foods - Volume 4

Release Excess Weight - Volume 5

Creating a Positive Future - Volume 6

Linking Positive Food Choices - Volume 7

Stairway to Successful Weight Loss - Volume 8

Free Yourself of Sweets/Chocolates/Carbohydrates - Volume 9

Enjoy Exercise - Volume 10

Weight Loss Series 2-Session Album - Volume 11

Weight Loss Series 4-Session Album - Volume 12

Weight Loss Series 6-Session Album - Volume 13

Weight Loss Series 8-Session Album - Volume 14

Weight Loss Series 10-Session Album - Volume 15


Remember, the power of your subconscious mind is incredible!  Through the use of hypnosis, you can accelerate the process of achieving your goals.  Our techniques use the power of your subconscious mind to transform negative thoughts and patterns into positive, healthy capabilities and talents.  As you relax and listen to your processes, the information is absorbed deeply into your subconscious.  You remove old negative habits so you can become the person you want to be.  You will unlock new doors leading to new possibilities and, most importantly, you will remove old barriers.  So take this while to begin your journey to a better life ... the life you have always wanted.

Disclaimer: Hypnosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is relaxing and therapeutic. However, since deep relaxation is achieved with hypnosis, you should not listen to these recordings if you are engaged in any activity (such as operating machinery) that demands full conscious awareness. While hypnosis is not to be considered a panacea for all human ills, it certainly can be helpful to all who get into it.  Finally, while we are extremely confident that only benefit will accrue from using these recordings, we are required to state that you do so at your own risk.


For the past several years, Marie has assisted individuals in attaining their long desired goals through the use of hypnosis. Hypnosis has been proven to help individuals change unwanted habits, lose weight, quit smoking, increase confidence, diminish pain, improve memory, remove phobias, improve intimacy, and hundreds of other problems people encounter during their lifetime. Not only is hypnosis safe, natural, and permanent, it is also one of the most effective processes of accelerating positive change.

Marie is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Neuro Linguistics Practitioner.  She is a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, The National Guild of Hypnotists and The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. She owns and operates New Beginnings Hypnosis Center and speaks to various groups on weight reduction, smoking cessation, stress management, pain management, increase self-confidence, hypnobirthing and self-hypnosis.

One of Marie's goals and dreams in life is to assist people in discovering their true potential, to help them let go of self-sabotaging beliefs, and live the life they have always dreamed of. She has attained her goals and dreams many, many times. If you are ready to take that first step in achieving your goals and dreams, Marie is ready and willing to assist you. Hypnosis is her true calling in life - her soul's intent.

Marie has utilized the power of hypnosis on herself to attain a multitude of successes in her life from extinguishing her sweet and chocolate addiction, craving and enjoying 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, better sleep patterns, and dissolving stress from her life. She has experienced the dramatic benefits of hypnosis and has passed those benefits on to hundreds of grateful and satisfied clients.

Marie offers a multitude of effective hypnotic processes. All recordings are created in her state of the art digital recording studio where she combines her extensive hypnosis abilities and recording expertise to create an outstandingly professional and successful series of high quality hypnotic recordings. Each process is carefully created and recorded using sophisticated digital recording technology.

Marie uses progressive relaxation techniques and guided imagery to assist individuals in achieving a profound state of relaxation. She then combines precise hypnotic scripting with a positive affirmation system and Neuro Linguistics Programming ("NLP") to create the ultimate and most effective hypnotic experience possible. The positive affirmation system is systematically recorded, panning between the right and the left side of the headphones, balancing the hemispheres of the brain. This powerful, deeply relaxing and unique effect allows all positive hypnotic suggestions and affirmations to be absorbed deeply.

In addition to all of this, you will find yourself enjoying Marie's pleasant and soothing voice. After all, this is what you want, a highly effective process and a soothing and pleasant voice that you can easily understand and enjoy time and time again.

Additionally, Marie co-authored, produced, narrated, and recorded the “Goodnight Caterpillar, The Ultimate Bedtime Story” relaxation process for children.

Marie is in the process of producing her own line of children’s recordings and books entitled, “The Relaxing Tales of Taylor Elizabeth”.  These wonderfully resourcefully research based programs will help children of all ages work through stress in their lives, learn to relax, build self-esteem, and so much more.  Look for it soon. 

Finally, in 2001, Marie was nominated for the Mississippi Business Journal’s Top 50 Business Women of the Year (2000-2001).


Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We take pride in the quality and effectiveness of our digitally mastered audio processes.  You will be delighted with your success - you have our word on it!  We are so confident in our products, that we can offer them to you, risk free.  Because we are so confident, we are able to offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchases, for any reason.  Just return the products within 30 days of purchase, include a brief note explaining your reason for return, and ship the products back to us, in their original condition, and we will refund your money promptly.

Private Sessions Guarantee

Because of our case load, we will no longer be accepting new clients for private sessions.  We deeply apologize for this inconvenience; however, we feel our current clients will be better served this way.

Group Hypnosis Seminars Guarantee

Because of our case load, we will no longer be scheduling private seminars.  We deeply apologize for this inconvenience.

Privacy Guarantee:  We promise never to sell or trade your e-mail address without your written permission.




My Astounding Success Story ...

"How I Found Hypnosis and Lost 90Lbs!"

Hello. My name is Suzan* and just last year I wore a size 22 dress. Now I'm into a 14 and, really, I never thought I'd see that size again. I have not yet finished my program, but I have every confidence in the route I have chosen to lose the weight I've been carrying around for the last 30 years. Let me tell you about my journey.

I was desperate. I had tried every diet and weight reduction program and even some I made up myself. I would lose 10 pounds, only to gain back 12 to 15. I was ashamed of myself, but what was I to do? I put on a good front with family and friends; however, when I found myself alone, I would be so miserable that I would cry - and then go find something to eat! Now, it didn't matter that I had just eaten, or that I was, in no way, hungry. I would eat and it didn't really matter what was in my mouth. Then, of course, I couldn't believe I had eaten the whole thing!

I saw an ad in my local paper for hypnosis to lose weight. I tore the ad out and read it in secret, then put it away in a folder. Some time later I found that ad, and yes, I called. Talk about being nervous!

I was downright scared, but I was more afraid of what I was doing to myself. I had blood pressure problems and I hurt for no other reason except that I simply couldn’t get enough oxygen into my body.

That telephone call really started a change in my life that is invaluable to me. My consultant was warm and friendly, and after filling out a questionnaire, we went into her office and she explained the hypnosis program to me. Then, of all things, I was told that if I could not be hypnotized in my first private session, I would get my money back!

Well, I did it, and to date, I have lost 90 pounds! Have you ever seen 90 pounds of lard? Not a pretty sight. My new eating habits started right away. And even though I began the program in the middle of the holiday season, I still lost 5 pounds. Nobody loses weight during the holidays!


My life has changed. My outlook is so very positive. I no longer eat just to have something to do. I am still the same person I always was, except there is much less of me. I do not diet and I don't have cravings. I eat only when I'm hungry, and then just a regular portion. Now, here's the kicker ... I eat anything I want - just not the whole thing!

How much money do you spend on junk food or on drive-through fast food? Do you even know? You have a choice. You can call for a free hypnotic screening ... or be Fat, Fatter, Fattest. Call today and start your own journey to a thinner you. It will indeed be the most important call you will ever make.

No one has paid me to make the above statement. What you have just read is a true and honest account of the most important phone call that I have ever made.

I am a thinner

Suzan L.

Jackson, MS

(original testimonial was signed by client)


*In an effort to protect our clients' privacy, we have decided to use first names only.

*     *     *

I'm a forty-year-old woman and I've never had to watch my weight until the past several years. I was very thin as a young adult and like many women, once I hit my mid-thirties the extra pounds seemed to pile up overnight. I became frustrated because I would diet and take off pounds only to gain them back. I knew I needed to go deeper than just "dieting". I wanted to change the way I thought about food and dieting. Although I'd never tried hypnosis, I had practiced deep breathing and relaxation techniques in the past and knew the positive impact they'd had on my life.

What did I have to lose? I attended a hypnosis session at New Beginnings Hypnosis and had wonderful results. I would recommend it to everyone. The combination of the hypnosis experience and the reinforcement of the tapes created a new thought pattern for me about food.

One of the major things I've noticed about my changed behavior since the hypnosis is my lack of desire for unhealthy food. I used to joke that due to my Irish roots, I must have been born in a potato field. We all seem to have a weakness for something and for me it was potatoes. I love them fried, baked or boiled. However, the imagery that was presented during my hypnosis session to reject a food item that I felt was unhealthy for me worked wonders. I no longer desire potatoes in any form and have almost completely eliminated them from my diet. The other major habit which hypnosis has helped me change is my water intake. Each time I listen to my tape, I'm thirsty. I know that lots of folks are skeptical about the power of hypnosis but I can personally testify that since my session my desire for certain foods have totally abated, my daily water intake is at a healthy level and the relaxation benefits are just lagniappe! If you would like to make some wonderful changes in your life, call Marie at New Beginnings Hypnosis. The number is 225-253-8586.

Cindy S.

Ethel, LA

(original testimonial was signed by client)

*     *     *

I have always had to "watch my weight".  I remember starting pretty much starving myself (a dry piece of toast, 2 boiled eggs and another dry piece of toast daily) beginning in the 10th grade in high school and continuing pretty much until I got married and had my one child at 27.  After that, my diet was still pretty restrictive and I added lots of exercise to keep in shape and was able to maintain pretty well for a number of years.

Then, around 1992, I was on some medication which, together with a lifestyle change from lots of exercise and restrictive eating habits to zero exercise and a very unhealthy diet, I gained between 50 and 60 pounds.  I stopped looking at the scales after a point ... it could have been more.  I had lost some of this weight, 15-20 pounds prior to 2002, but was holding there and not budging any further. 

My first experience with New Beginnings was around June or July 2002 when I was three months into a daily caloric regimen of between 1000 and 1200 calories during the week, not really counting on the weekends and back to regular exercise.  From the restricted weekly regimen, however, my stomach was pretty shrunk and I could not eat much more on the weekends than during the week.  Under this strict regimen, I lost a total of five pounds (over a 3 MONTH timeframe!) and was at a totally discouraged point.  My goal was to lose between 20 and 30 pounds.

At that low time I received nutritional counseling, encouragement, and started supplements suggested by New Beginnings and within a month had lost 10 additional pounds and started having people notice and comment on the change.  Ten pounds in one month compared to five in three months was exhilarating in itself - along with the notice from co-workers, friends and family.

I have since then gone back and forth with another 5 pounds but kept off the original 15 pounds lost and know that were I to continue with the full package offered by New Beginnings - which features treatment through hypnosis - I would lose all the rest of the weight I initially set out to lose.  

What I mean by that is -- I have gone through one extended hypnosis session and have the tape for continuation of the program so I am aware of the basic content of the initial hypnosis program and just "thinking" about the approach in the tapes has helped me to stop some of the overdoing or unhealthy eating habits I know I still succumb to at times.  Imagine what I could accomplish if I continued/completed the program as instructed/needed ... no, I need to imagine it........

Which makes me wonder why I have not done so and reflect on the fact that it has been said that sometimes people are afraid to succeed and wonder if that is the case with me now.  It (listening to the tapes) doesn't require that much time each day - I take that time for exercising and other time for myself.  Why not to finish up on this weight loss?  I will have to figure this out and solve whatever issue is there and that is something only I can do - not anyone else. 

So, another area of help New Beginnings offers is self-introspection/awareness which, I think, is oftentimes the center of the weight loss issue. (To make myself sit down and write this was difficult because I knew this self-introspection would have to take place...)

But, simply said, the tools for weight loss and a healthier person are available through New Beginnings - hypnosis, counseling, caring, advice, nutrition, natural supplement information, etc.  I believe this to be true because I have seen the weight loss changes in friends and co-workers who have utilized the complete program regime.  We as individuals have to make up our own minds and take advantage of these tools at our disposal.

In the long run, New Beginnings, Marie or anyone else can't "do it" for us - we have to "do it" for our own selves but New Beginnings offers you the tools, help, encouragement and guidance to get there.  It's your decision (and mine) as to whether you use them or not.

Debra M.

Walker, LA

(original testimonial was signed by client)

*     *     *

My name is Andrew.  I’m 21 years old and work in a very stressful environment.  Thanks to Marie's relaxation processes, I'm better able to cope with the many stressful situations that I encounter everyday.  I'm more relaxed at work and little annoyances that really used to get under my skin, now go unnoticed.  Because of this, I’m able to work more efficiently and effectively.

I have also found that once my workday has ended, I am able to leave any unresolved work issues where they belong, at work.  Listening to these processes every evening is a great way to end my day.  The helpful suggestions Marie incorporates in each and every process really do sink in.  In addition to being more relaxed and calm, I've noticed myself drinking more water and eating less, especially my favorite snack, ice cream.  I now feel that I'm in control of my life and it feels great!  I have also noticed that these processes help me sleep better at night and I wake up feeling rested.  It is an all around great and extremely pleasant experience.  I think everyone should give Marie's processes a shot.  They're wonderful!

Thanks Marie!

Andrew B.

Baton Rouge, LA

(original testimonial was signed by client)