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Perfector Non-Surgical Face Lift - as seen on Oprah

FEBRUARY 18, 2004

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OPRAH: An all-new OPRAH. How to look like you had a face-lift when you didn't. Celebrities swear by these high-tech facials. I had one of these. Baby, please! I could see a difference in like a half an hour. The latest anti-aging discovery. Foods that fight off wrinkles. Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on. Want to look younger and live longer?

DEB: Help me!

OPRAH: Age-defying breakthroughs.  I know you want some of that.  How are you?

Unidentified Woman #1: I'm good.

OPRAH: Good. How are you? Thank you. OK. So fun. OK, let me tell you this. I had an experience last night that I've never had in my life. It was--it was rejuvenating, exhilarating. I came away from it feeling younger, having a little kick in my step, feeling more alive. I know you want some of that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I'm going to tell you how to get it, too, OK? Because if you want to look younger and live longer, this is your show. Call your girlfriends, because this is big. We went to the top anti-aging experts and found some really simple things and some not so simple that you can do to begin to take years off your looks. Because I'm selling 50 now. I'm selling it, for all it's worth. OK. That's right.  We have all the secrets and we're going to show them to you right here at our OPRAH show age-defying clinic. First, at age 52, Deb says she thought that she was looking pretty good until she saw herself on our show. Really? What did you see? What happened?

DEB: Oprah, I looked terrible. I mean, look at this face. Look at these bags under my eyes. I look like a bag lady. I mean, frown lines, smile lines, crow's-feet. It's an explosion of lines everywhere. But what you can't see is my scrawny chicken neck that bothers me the most. Other than wearing turtlenecks the rest of my life, what can I do? Help me!

OPRAH: OK, OK, OK. So Kim is only 35, and admits that she's a sucker for anti-aging products. Get out.

KIM: I am a product junkie! I was--if it says it will fix a wrinkle, it'll get rid of a spot, I'll buy it. I am terrified of getting wrinkles. I don't want wrinkles. I am not my mom or my grandmother. I don't want to be. And help me. 

OPRAH: OK. We're going to help you today. Paige is a 40-year-old former beauty queen who says that she worries about her fading looks every single day. Really? 

PAIGE: Well, do--as a former beauty queen, I mean, I used to think I'd walk in a room and people would notice me. Now I think they just see these lines. These are my grandmother's lines. I'm 40. I don't want my grand mother's lines on my face. Help me. 

OPRAH: OK. All right. I'm going to help you. Come on up here, Deb, Kim and Paige. OK. Come on up. Whoo! Good to see you. Wearing the leather. OK. This is our anti-aging clinic, and if you want to look younger and live longer, because that's all about being healthy from the inside out, we found two women who say they have the answers. Dr. Brandith Irwin is a dermatologist and the author of "Your Best Face"--"Your Best Face: Looking Your Best Without Plastic Surgery." And she's going to show us the latest craze that has women waiting months just to get into her office. I might be able to get an appointment after today's show, though.  A--and Tracie Martyn, also known as the facialist to the stars with clients like Susan Sarandon, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow. She's going to tell us the absolute best ways to keep our skin looking good. She's also going to reveal a technique that s--has some of her clients canceling their plastic surgery appointments. So come on up here, Tracie. So great to see you. Hi, honey. That was great. 

TRACIE MARTYN: Nice to see you. 

OPRAH: That was great last night. 

MARTYN: Thank you. OK. You need to lie back there... 

OPRAH: OK. So this is the thing. I--every celebrity that's been here in I don't know how long has told me about Tracie Martyn's--and Tracie Martyn's products and how I should get a Tracie Martyn facial, and the guy who runs my magazine, the creative director, says, `You need to go see Tracie Martyn,' and I never did until last night... 


OPRAH: ...until last night. I had one of these. Baby, please. Yes, I could s--I could see a difference in like a half an hour. 

MARTYN: Yeah. It's amazing. 

OPRAH: Like your skin, I--it's hard to describe what happens, because your skin somehow gets pulled tighter. How is that? 

MARTYN: Well, it's working with electricity, and the electricity really helps to take down the puffiness. 

OPRAH: Yeah.

MARTYN: And it also helps to shorten and strengthen up the muscles. I'm just giving her a quick cleaning to prime the skin.


MARTYN: ...just in this area where I'm going to work.

OPRAH: So we're starting here with Deb. Tracie says that a mini-facial--this is what she says--can change your face in just minutes. And she's going to show us what she means by just working on half of Deb's face.

MARTYN: Yes, I'm going to start on the left side here. What I'm going to do is...

OPRAH: So this is what you were doing with these little things.


OPRAH: At first I thought you were just pinching me.

MARTYN: I have...

OPRAH: What is this? This is like electrical current going through here

MARTYN: Well, no--yes. This is the machine right here.

OPRAH: Yeah.

MARTYN: And then I'm working--these are attachments that work with the machine, and I'm going to work directly into the areas that really need to be defined. I get clients coming in saying, `Oh, I've lost my whole jaw line. You know, I can't see my cheekbone anymore.' And so what this does is it really helps to bring out the natural, beautiful features in our face. 

OPRAH: It must give you a little zip in your step, too, because I left a little zippier.

MARTYN: You did, yeah. I know. It...

OPRAH: All that electrical current must be zipping some other things.

MARTYN: ...it feels--it feels..

OPRAH: And how long does this last?

MARTYN: Well, it will last at least 10 days.  And I would recommend maybe three treatments within a month, and then maybe once a month. 

OPRAH: You know, I was so excited, I didn't sleep on my face last night for the first time. I tried to sleep like--like this so that I'd look the same in the morning. OK. 

MARTYN: We could do it in your sleep.

OPRAH: So, Tracie, your assistant is going to continue Deb's facial while we move to Kim.

MARTYN: Thank you. OK.

OPRAH: OK. You say Kim's problem is that she needs to simplify. This is too much stuff you've got carrying around. 


OPRAH: You need a simple routine and not lots of different stuff.


OPRAH: You need a simple routine. What's your routine?

KIM: Well, I'll use a cleanser, toner, something for the oil control and firming. Then I'll use something for lines and wrinkles or spots.

OPRAH: And in the end, your face is confused.

KIM: No.

OPRAH: Your fa--your face said, `We don't know what you want us to do. Your cells are like, `Do you want us to unwrinkle? Do you want us to moisturize? What do you want us to do, Kim?' OK. You say there are--What?--four staples, Tracie.

MARTYN: Yes. I would s--I'd recommend a really great cleanser.  We're looking for things in the cleanser like salicylic acid, because that will pr--improve the whole texture and tone of the skin. We're looking also for something like papaya enzymes because that will help with inflammation. It'll also help with the debris on the face. We're looking for more natural ingredients in--in skin care. 


OPRAH: As I was saying, I had my first Tracie Martyn facial last night. Everybody who's ever been here who's a celebrity has told me about it. So let's take a look at the results of Tracie Martyn's facial on Deb. Let's see, what'd you do? Which side?

MARTYN: Oh, I worked on Deb on her--on her left side, and as you can see, it's more firmer, more taut around here.

OPRAH: Now your head's blocking here. OK, mo--move your head back. OK, good.

MARTYN: OK, sorry. And the other side is more loose. I'm just going to show you a little bit. You can see there's a difference.

OPRAH: Yeah.

MARTYN: And you know, I really just didn't use the full hour, but you can see there's really--she's much more firmer. And around the eye, around the eyelid, the top of the eyelid, and underneath the eye, there's less wrinkles and the skin is more taut and more firm.

OPRAH: Yeah, that's what happened to me last night. OK. That's really good. And so what happens if you do it over--if you do the facials over a period of time, what changes?

MARTYN: It gets better and better.

OPRAH: It gets better.

MARTYN: Even coming once a month, it really not only maintains, but it just looks better each time ... because the muscles get stronger.

OPRAH: Because I'm going to get another one tonight, aren't I, Tracie?

MARTYN: OK. That's true.

OPRAH: Yeah. OK. Let's see how the Restalyne worked on Paige. Let's see. Got it? Ooh.

Dr. IRWIN: OK. So you can see right in through there.
Dr. IRWIN: ...it just looks smooth. Unidentified Woman #7: That is--wow.

OPRAH: Well, Dr. Roizen just said it. Doing what you love--I think one of the reasons why, you know, aging, I--my--my chronological age is not what my real age is is because I get to do what I love every day. I think working at a job or being with somebody that, you know, you don't love is the most aging thing you could do, isn't it? 

Dr. ROIZEN: Absolutely, yes. And--and that's why doing what you want to do and -- and what you love doing is--is so good for you. 

OPRAH: Yeah, yeah. It'll young you up. The whole goal here is to live it--we've shown you all kinds of fun and interesting techniques, but the whole goal is to live healthier. Thank you so much to KaVo America in Chicago for lending us the state-of-the-art dental chairs for our spa treatments. Thank you, all. Thank you, everyone. Thank you. 

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