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Perfector Nanotechnology Non-Surgical Face Lift


As seen onOprah  ...  read the transcript


Can you see the difference after just one treatment?

We performed a treatment on one side of her face so that the results obtained could be really noticeable.  The client was handed a mirror after the photograph was taken so that she too could marvel at her results.  Needless to say, the client was estatic!!!

We completed the treatment on the other side of her face and sent the client home, eagerly anticipating her next visit!












The Perfector Non-Surgical Face Lift System utilizes "nanotechnology" which provides the ultimate, most results oriented treatment, without undergoing surgery that you can have.

Obviously, if a client has a great deal of loose skin and lacking substantial muscle tone, this treatment will not benefit these individuals.

This treatment is geared to give realistic, positive results but cannot remove loose skin ... only a surgeon can do that!

The ideal candidates would be:

between the ages of 30 to mid-60s
are realistic in their goals
do not have a great deal of loose skin

After One Treatment

 untreated side             treated side   untreated side             treated side
     untreated side             treated side   untreated side             treated side

  Take 10 years off your face ...

diminish lines, age spots, build facial muscles and tighten skin

The Perfector nano-technology non-surgical facelift treatment is an age defying face lift which is preventative for younger clients and rejuvenating for mature clients.  It is Hollywood's secret to a non-invasive face lift that gives you the freedom to attain anti-aging goals without the recovery, downtime, and the expense of surgeries and other aggressive services.  Oprah has touted this treatment as one of her favorites. Madonna and Sharon Stone are rumored to own one as well.  It will significantly improve the appearance of the face and promote good health.

The Procedure:

A Perfector facelift specialist will use two or three probes to gently deliver electrical stimulation to the muscles and tissues of the face and/or neck. The  facelift procedure requires no anesthesia, no recovery time, no down time from work, and has no irritating side effects. To achieve the ultimate benefits of a micro current facelift, approximately twelve treatment sessions are recommended. Routine follow up treatments are performed to maintain micro current facelift results.

There are 8 programs:

Oxygenation:  increases oxygen and improves skin circulation. It is ideal for clients with dull skin, people who smoke or drink.
Lymphatic Drainage:  removes dark circles, puffiness, removes toxins leaving skin radiant, healthy, & fresh while enhancing the regeneration process.
Face-lifting: builds tissue and produces proliferation of cells by fibroblasts' secretion of proteins such as collagen. Additionally, it works on the nerves and muscle cells to increase tonicity of the fine facial muscles. 
Cell Regeneration:  enhances the body’s self-healing and regenerative ability with proliferation of cells.
Firming: reduces and removes pigmentations, skin discolorations, scars, and heals melasma, rosacea, and acne.
Cellular Repair:  energy boost (ATP production) repairs and regenerates both skin and muscle tissue.
Ionization:  apply collagen / elastin serums, creams, masks etc
for maximum absorption by the skin.
Magnetic Deep Cleansing and Non-Abrasive Microdermabrasion: deep cleansing and exfoliation process without the pain.  Your skin will glow!

 Perfector benefits:

For men and women
Improve muscle tone
Sculpts the face and lifts the neck
Lifts jowls and eyebrows
Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
Improve facial circulation


Eye area only (30 min): $75

Eye area only - Series of 6 Treatments* (pre-paid): $375

Entire face & neck (60 min): $125

Entire face & neck - Series of 6 Treatments* (pre-paid): $625